Activ8 is a Student Ministry within Alpha and Omega which teaches about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  Our vision is to teach teenagers the Word of Jesus Christ, and "Activ8" within them a passion to learn what GOD's Word says and to put it into action!  God has stationed us in a community that is ripe with opportunity to minister to kids who desperately need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and experience God's love in their lives.  Our message to them is simple: God loves you and has a great plan for your life!  We work to provide the students in the State Park/Collinsville area a place to come and learn, and to have fun doing it.

We have a team of dedicated people who are committed to reaching the youth and instilling within them a knowledge of God's Word as a roadmap for life.  Together they share a passion for teaching teenagers how to utilize the Bible as a tool, rather than the world's view of an obsolete history book. One of their foundation scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11. 

Activ8 Student Ministry meets after Praise and Worship on Sunday mornings. If you have questions regarding Activ8 please send us a message below. 

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