Alpha and Omega is a united body of believers in Christ Jesus on assignment in State Park.  We desire to show the mercy, love, and compassion of God to those in our community and those we come in contact with.  This would include a heart to see the lost, sick, hurting, oppressed, broken, and addicted set free.  We believe that this mission is impossible without the Word of God being central.  It is our hope that through the life changing power of God’s Word, lives will be restored, hearts will be made whole, and people will be set free.  It is our desire to imprint on the minds and hearts of people that God has a plan for their lives, that it is a good plan full of hope for the future!

God has called us not to just love in word but in deed also.  Along with sharing and ministering the Word of God to produce disciples, which is our primary calling, we believe that God has called us to feed the poor and lead others to the abundant life in Christ as a demonstration of His care and love for them.  We have been given the privilege of serving our community through the agency of State Park Food Pantry for over 25 years by providing food for those who need it and by sharing the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus often fed the multitudes in His earthly ministry and said, “What you have done to the least of these My brothers and sisters you have done to Me.”  God ministers to the whole man not just his spiritual needs.  People do not care what you know until they know that you care, and this is just one way of communicating that God will provide in every aspect of their lives.

In addition, we want to see the cycle of poverty and fatherlessness broken by seeking to walk in a spirit of excellence in all that we do and by demonstrating that mindset. We have been called to reach out to the children in our area and to provide a safe haven for them to come to.  By instilling in them the hope of the gospel and by providing an atmosphere of acceptance and love with boundaries, our goal is to establish trusted relationships with them that will affect their choices for the future and the generations to come.  Coupled with the hope of God’s plan for their future, their expectations will be raised to see the place of abundant provision that God wants for their lives.

We desire to be those representatives of Light that shine in the darkness for all who may be trapped in hopelessness, guilt, or shame through the Gospel of the Lord and the presence of the King in our lives.  He came to set the captives free!