We believe it is our great privilege to introduce our children to God,  Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  We want our kids to develop a solid relationship with their Creator, establish individual value, and develop healthy relationships with each other.  We use the Bible as a tool to introduce faith based knowledge through fun activities while learning God's Word and His principles to produce well rounded Christ like children that will fulfill their destinies!  Pastors and teachers show a genuine interest in the needs of the children, thus establishing a solid church family.

Children are important to God and to us!  By consistently depositing the Word of God in their hearts and minds, we are giving them a future filled with the hope of God and His blessings for their lives.  It is our hope that their lives will be forever changed as little ears hear the truth that God loves them and has a great plan for them.  It has been said, "Teach your children who God is before someone teaches them what He is not."  We take God's assignment seriously. Matthew 19:14 says, "But Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.' "


  • When you were a child did you have parents (or grandparents for that matter) that took you to church? 
  • When you were a child did you have someone read and teach Bible stories to you?
  • When you were a child did anyone ever tell you that God loved you?
  • When you were a child did anyone ever tell you that Jesus died for you???


  • Maybe you did…..but ..... what if you didn’t??
  • What if you lived in a dysfunctional household? 
  • What if you lived in an abusive situation?
  • What if you were hungry sometimes?

Our Wednesday Night Outreach meets all these needs in a fun filled, loving environment.  We feed their bodies as well as their spirits.  Our teachers are experienced and equipped to reach these awesome kids with the hope of the Gospel.   Bring your kids….bring kids in the neighborhood…..come serve.  What an honor it is to minister to these kids …..Jesus said that kids were special to Him.  They’re special to us, too.